Garrison City HVACR LLC is a local contractor in Dover New Hampshire specializing in heating and cooling mechanical services. John LeFebvre, the proprietor of Garrison City HVACR, began working in the HVAC trade over fifteen years ago. John started his career working for a small HVAC company where he was an apprentice to the owner of the business. This experience laid a solid foundation for John to start building his skills in the trade. He learned about many residential and commercial heating and cooling systems.  From there John went to work for a larger commercial only service company that offered a wide verity of mechanical services. John went to work for a local fuel company with a full-service department.  Here John honed is heating and air conditioning skills, in particular fuel storage and distribution systems. John gained extensive oil burner and propane knowledge. He became well versed in complex heating and cooling systems along with the control systems to keep them running safely and efficiently.  From there John decided to broaden his knowledge in building mechanical systems and started his career in Facilities.  John gained valuable experience in this role as he had various responsibilities in a large commercial complex. Here John worked with a variety of mechanical contractors and completed services on location which gave him start to finish project management experience.  Now John puts all this experience to work for you through his company Garrison City HVACR LLC.  You can feel confident when you hire GCHVACR that your job will be completed in a safe and efficient manner. Call for a free quote or any questions you may have when it comes to your heating or cooling needs.       

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